These entries have been reformatted for readability, and have been placed into alphabetical order, but the spellings have not been changed.

Alphonsus Barry, fisherman
David Barry, fisherman
John Thos Barry, fisherman
Laurence Barry, fisherman
Laurence Barry, fisherman
Maurice Barry, fisherman
Maurice Barry, fisherman
Maurice Barry, fisherman
Michael Barry, fisherman
Peter Barry, fisherman
Thomas Barry, fisherman
Thomas Barry, fisherman
Wm Barry, fisherman
John Carroll sr., fisherman
John Carroll jr., fisherman
Patrick Carroll, fisherman
Thomas Carroll, fisherman
John Corrigan, fisherman
Thomas Corrigan, fisherman
Edward Council, fisherman
Thomas Council, fisherman
Joseph Cheeseman, fisherman
Patrick Cheeseman, fisherman
Denis Doody, fisherman
Thomas Doody, fisherman
John Dunphy sr., laborer
John Dunphy jr., fisherman
Patrick Dunphy, fisherman
Patrick Dunphy, fisherman
Joseph Green, fisherman
Peter Judge, fisherman
Edward Kerivan, fisherman
Geoffrey Kerivan, fisherman
John Kerivan, fisherman
Wm Kerivan, fisherman
Garrett Lamb, fisherman
James Lamb, fisherman
Jeremiah Lamb, fisherman
Michael Lamb, fisherman
Patrick Lamb, fisherman
Patrick J Lamb, fisherman
Thomas Lamb, fisherman
Thomas Lamb, fisherman
Wm Lamb, fisherman
Denis Murphy, fisherman
Henry Murphy, fisherman
John Murphy, fisherman
John T Murphy, fisherman
Garrett Mahoney, fisherman
James Mahoney, fisherman
Patrick Mahoney, fisherman
Thomas Mahoney, fisherman
John Martin, fisherman
Denis P McCarthy, fisherman
James McCarthy, fisherman
Chas Norman, fisherman
Fredk Norman, fisherman
Michael Norman, fisherman
Patrick Norman, fisherman
Peter Norman, fisherman
Thomas Norman, fisherman
John Northover, fisherman
Jas Reddy, fisherman
Michael Reddy, fisherman
Michael Reddy, fisherman
Wm Rodgers, fisherman
Jas Rose, fisherman
Jeremiah Rose, fisherman
Thos Rose, fisherman
Wm Rose, fisherman
Denis Ryan, fisherman
Denis Ryan jr., fisherman
Garrett Ryan, fisherman
Jeremiah Ryan, fisherman
John T. Ryan, fisherman
Thos Ryan, fisherman
Joseph Shea, fisherman
Alphonsus Tobin, fisherman
Michael Tobin, fisherman
Thos Tobin, fisherman
Wm Tobin, fisherman
Jas Walsh, fisherman
John J Walsh, fisherman
Patrick Walsh, fisherman
Thos Walsh, fisherman
Wm Walsh, fisherman
Thos Webber, fisherman
Jeremiah Whelan, fisherman
John Whelan, fisherman
Patrick Whelan, fisherman
Peter Whelan, fisherman