If anyone has additions, or corrections (such as changing or omitting dates), or wants to have information about his/her family (meaning a marriage line and/or his/her children) removed from these pages, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. briefly stating what is desired.

This section consists of the entire contents of the print document "A Red Island (PB) Family Tree", excepting three sections ('historical papers', 'headstones', and 'misc items') that are contained elsewhere in this website.

There are approximately 7750 Red Island related people listed here (counting spouses related to Red Island only by marriage, but not counting these spouses' parents), both in a multi-level alphabetical index and grouped in families by generation. Links allow navigation within the index, between the index and the families, and within generations of the families.

Several hundred Newfoundlanders who are related to the author but not to Red Island, and were previously omitted from this site, are now included. They are highlighted in green and identified in family pages on which they appear.

The line codes that identify individual people are subject to change. These changes are necessitated when families being added would otherwise be placed out of sequence.

Note that birth and marriage years later than 1992 are presented as "bbbb" and "mmmm", giving them the same appearance as unknown dates. This is done as a safety precaution to protect privacy.