As noted in the Introduction, the Baptism, Marriage and Death (register) records have been transcribed
from copies of the original parish registers. These transcriptions were originally done in 1996-1997
from photographs of the actual pages. The Baptism and Marriage records (through 1897) became available
on high quality microfilm a few years later.

The microfilm is generally better to read than the photographs, especially at high magnification. Often
an entry that was originally difficult to read - or even unreadable - can be decyphered. All of the
Baptisms and Marriages on the microfilm will be revisited. As of August 20, 2007, this revisit has been
completed for 1835 through 1880.

The result has been numerous changes. Most changes are small, involving removal of question marks
following names, minor spelling changes, or minor date corrections. Some names that had been unreadable
have now been resolved. Two pages of baptisms from 1837-1838 that had originally been missed (19 baptisms,
keys 1-020-12 through 1-020-30), have been added. Twenty or so pseudo-marriages have been eliminated.

To see if a particular page within the Argentia records has been changed, right-click anywhere within
the page on your screen, then left-click "View Source" (or something similar) from the list that appears.
If the first line of source code contains a date, such as 2007-06-26, then this is the last time that
the page was changed.