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 Both the Baptism and Marriage records are indexed, with each of the two indexes 
 consisting of two levels, detail and summary. 

 The detail index pages, "Baptism Index" and "Marriage Index", are essentially
 lists of pointers to the individual Baptism and Marriage records. 

 Each of the summary indexes is comprised of two parts (the "name index to Baptism 
 Index" & "year index to Baptisms", and the "name index to Marriage Index" & 
 "year index to Marriages").  

 The "name" indexes both feature an alphabet across the top, followed by a list 
 of surnames in alphabetical order. Clicking a letter is a shortcut to move down 
 to the first entry in the surname list that begins with the selected letter. 
 Surnames appear in one of two formats: either a name underlined in red, or a name 
 in the format "name1 see name2" where the second name is underlined in red.
 The underlined surname spellings are used here as "standard" surnames. Click
 on an underlined surname to display the detailed index page where people with
 the selected surname appear. 
 What is a "standard" surname? Spellings of some surnames changed both with time 
 and with changes in clergy, and similar names were sometimes confused. A "standard" 
 surname takes the various spellings of a surname and treats them as if they are 
 all spelled in a single way. One spelling of each name, usually the most modern 
 or most frequently used, is used as the standard spelling - for use in the indexes 
 only. This is not to imply that one spelling is more correct than another, but is 
 done to help solve the problem of variant surname spellings, such as Samson/Sampson, 
 Houlihan/Holihan/Olihan, O'Reilly/O'Rielly/Reilly/Rielly, Mead/Maid, Phelan/Whelan, 
 Phoran/Foran, etc. For example, an index entry in the form "Olihan see Houlihan" 
 indicates that the name "Olihan" has been given a standard spelling of "Houlihan".
 Entries in the indexes are sorted by the standard surnames, but also include the 
 surnames as spelled in the original records.  

 The "year" indexes feature a list of years for which records exist. Click on any 
 year to display the first Baptism/Marriage record for the selected year. Baptisms 
 and Marriages were not always entered in the registers in strict date order, so 
 the first record from a given year may be followed by one or more records from 
 the prior year.  

 The detail level indexes contain entries for each person baptized or married. They 
 are sequenced by family name ("standard" surname), first name (given name), and 
 year of baptism or marriage.
 <<-- index-to-index  Click the red arrow to return to the "name index".

 <-- prior index page  Click the red arrow to display the prior detail index page.
 next index page-->  Click the red arrow to display the next detail index page. 

 n-nnn-nn  The detail index line. Click on the red item to display the Baptism
 or Marriage record. 
 The Baptism Index entries also include the year of the baptism, the standard 
 surname, the name of the person baptised and his/her parents names, if known.

 The Marriage Index entries also include the year of the marriage, the standard 
 surname, the name of the person married (there are separate records for the bride 
 and the groom), plus each person's parents' names, if known. In the case of a pseudo- 
 marriage, the names of the parents are obtained from the children's baptisms.

 Although the vast majority of the Baptism and Marriage index records are small
 (less than 5k bytes), a few of each index (the more popular surnames) are as 
 large as 41k bytes.
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all rights reserved